Our goal is to enroll additional students from nearby families. Bosocvet Project leaders have visited some of the homes to encourage the mothers to send their children to the Boscovet Hope Academy. Many cannot afford even the 5700 shillings (approximately $7) to pay for part of the monthly costs and therefore their children are provided scholarships. This requires financial support from charitable donations.

So we are asking if you would like to sponsor a child (or two) for only $20 per month. This will provide a more nutritious mid day meal, school supplies like pencils and paper, a nice uniform (made by local villagers), and teacher's salaries. Wouldn't you like to make the difference in the life of a child? Please consider sponsoring one of the children that are either orphans or children from single parent families. As the Boscovet Project's motto is ...." Empowering those who live in poverty to live with hope", our goal is to provide a small ray of hope that the cycle of poverty can be broken through education. God and education are the key to life is a popular saying in these villages. If you would like to sponsor one of these children, click on the orange button below their picture which will take you to our Paypal donation account. After placing your donation, send us a message through the Contact page with your sponsor child's name and if you will be paying monthly, quarterly, or annually. A child's life will quickly be changed for the better! For more information see other pages in this site or write to Dr. Daniel Haskins, president of the Project at

Caroline is in 10 years old and in Grade 4. She lives with her single mother and 4 siblings, who also attend Boscovet school. The mother sells firewood in the villages and sometimes volunteers at Boscovet School. Caroline aspires to one day be a teacher.

Gideon is 4 years old and is in his first year of preschool. He is also brother to Caroline, Onesmus and Alice.

He loves playing in the field with other kids and hopes to be a soccer player when he grows up.

Moguso is 7 years old and in his second year of preschool. His parents are both H.I.V positive  and extremely poor. He loves animals and hopes to be a big farmer when he grows up.

Onesmus is 9 years old and also in grade 4. He is a brother to Caroline. He loves artwork and hopes to be a journalist when he grows up.

Ashmo is 11 years old and in Grade 4. He is from a  single  mother  family as the Dad deserted them and has never shown up. Ashmo got an eye injury which needs urgent attention with a very huge bill  which has not been  paid. He loves math. He hopes to be a nurse when he grows up.

Mary Ann is 7 years old and in Grade 1. She comes from a single mother household. She loves athletics and hopes to be a successful athlete in the future representing Kenya.

Alice is 6 years old and is in Grade 1. She is the sister to Caroline and Onesmus. She loves singing and loves going to church on Sundays. She hopes to be a nurse when she grows up.

Junior is 4 years old and in his first year of preschool. He is the brother to Ashmo Aminga. He loves music and dance. He hopes to be musician when he grows up.