Meet the Leaders


Daniel Haskins DMV

President - Boscovet USA

After graduating with a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Washington State University, Dr. Haskins began working with Northwest Veterinary Clinic. While in active practice, his primary interests were in the large animal area of the practice where he devoted his time to horses, alpacas, goats, and the occasional kangaroo. Dr. Haskins married his high school sweetheart and has four children and 10 grandchildren.


Lilian Marube

President - Boscovet Kenya

Lilian is a trained veterinary technician with a passion for others as well as the Lord. She is the mother to three children and has an infectious smile that brings joy to those around her.


Ric Shallow

Vice President - Boscovet USA

Ric is a retired mortgage broker and has been a member of four different teams. He is a husband, father of 4, and grandpa to 7 young kids. His particular area of interest is in helping the farmers to improve the yield and diversity of their vegetable crops. He is also active in fundraising efforts in the US.


Kennedy Gichaba

Vice President - Boscovet Kenya

Kennedy is a husband and father of three children. He is also a college graduate with a degree in agriculture. Kennedy speaks excellent English and acts as the translator for many of the mission trips amongst the villages. His loud laugh can be heard by anyone nearby.

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Joyce Zeigen

Treasurer - Boscovet USA

Joyce is a wife, mother, and teacher and has been part of three different teams. With a BA in Int'l Relations and a MA in Interdisciplinary Studies/Int'l Development, she has focused her Boscovet work on microfinance and helping the Kenya team in the areas in which they request assistance. Joyce has also led English classes for Boscovet members.


Evans Gwaro

Treasurer - Boscovet Kenya

Evans is a small businessman and loving husband and father of two. He can always be found laughing and joking around with an ease that makes him an essential part of this team.