Empowering those who live in poverty to live with HOPE.

Greetings to all of the Boscovet family,

Thanks to you and many others, the members of the Boscovet Project have made great strides in 2016 in their struggles to make a better life for themselves and their children.  Many of the 500 plus members are widows or single mothers raising their children to the best of their abilities and with limited resources.  In 2016 we have been able to do simple things like add gutters and cisterns to 10 more homes and complete larger projects like adding 3 more classrooms to house the growing number students now attending the Boscovet Hope Academy. We were also able to improve family nutrition by placing milk goats or chickens with six more families.  This gift is a gift that continues giving because each family who receives either a goat or 25 chickens will pass on to another Boscovet family a female kid or several chicks. Rose has told me her life changed when she received the gift of 25 chickens in 2015.  It sounds like a simple thing but now her young grandchildren have a vitally important source of protein from the eggs that the chickens produce. 

The Boscovet Project focuses on five main areas in its outreach:

  • Animal health and nutrition training – vaccinate 5-600 animals per year and hold 2-3 seminars

  • Clean water – gutters, cisterns, and wells

  • Early childhood education – 300 children ages 4-14

  • Family nutrition – goats, eggs, bio-intensive organic farming

  • Microfinance - $25-50 low interest loans plus a savings program


What makes it so easy to go back each year with a team of dedicated veterinarians and lay people is the strong work ethic these people possess and their deep Christian faith.  And it is easy to point to the number of wells placed to date (28) or the number of children being educated (300) or the growth in membership (over 500 members in 7 chapters) as indicators of success, it is the increased hope for escaping poverty and a strengthened sense of community that gives me the greatest encouragement that together we are making a difference in these small villages a half a world away.  People’s lives are being affected in a permanent way.  Thank you for your continued support and donations totaling in 2016.  We are currently in the early stages of a fundraising effort to add 3 more classrooms to the Boscovet Hope Academy.  The total cost of this stage will be $30,000.  If you would like to participate in our next phase of growth please send your tax deductible contribution to:


Boscovet Project

5720 Jensen Rd.

Stanwood, WA  98292


Merry Christmas and may God extend His blessings to you and your family in 2017,


Daniel Haskins, DVM

President, Boscovet Project USA